Happy Birthday To My Ex-baby!

Hey! Farahin teringat akan sesuatulah.
Semasa sedang chat dengan Eika, my classmate di FB,

Hari ini ialah birthday HERO HENECIA a.k.a Ex-boyfriend Farahin a.k.a 
Kim Hyun Joong!!
Happy Birthday, dear!
Wish you success and goodluck in your career.
And be happy with your family, friends and of course with Henecia too!

Malaysian Henecia! I'm sure you're dreaming about your HERO, don't you?
Have a nice sleep and a sweet dream.

These are some pictures of Kim Hyun Joong. Only uploaded it. No editted.


Okay. Done. Want more? You can search on google or any website of Kpop or maybe on Henecia website? Huhu...

Happy Birthday, Kim Hyun Joong!

Err....dalam kotak chat itu, Eika ada sebut yang hari ini pun birthday Dong Woon?
BEAUTY? Is it true? Pali~Pali~ Wish for him!

Happy Birthday, Son Dong Woon !

Anyone birthday today?
Happy Birthday to you, dear!
May God bless you.

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Ct Mawa said...

haah..hari ni birthday maknae dongwoon..huhu