ELFiction: Perfect Match (Yesung)

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someone miss my elfiction. here! i'm back with another stupid fiction. haha

You sighed for another time that you even couldn’t remembered. It was at 10.00 pm already and yet you were still in the jamming room, listening to the worst voice ever of Yoon Jun, your big sister. There was not only her. Shindong and Yesung were also in the room as they were invited by Yoon Jun. Shindong seemed enjoyed his mood very much while then, Yesung only sat about a metre from you.
‘Wahh! He look more charming from this side,’ you praised.
You had admired Yesung since the third year in secondary school. You were classmates but both of you never get close. Actually, it was Yesung who was hard to get along with people. He was a kind of quiet, cool or maybe…stupid? That was what you thought.
“________-ah! Sing along, gaja,” Yoon Jun pulled your hand suddenly.
“No no no! I don’t want. Yoon Jun, go home gaja. I’m sleepy already,” you said.
“Aishh! Yah, it’s just at 10. Don’t say that you actually afraid of omma?”
“Err…kind like that…”
“Ah! If you really want to, then just go home by yourself. Let Yesung accompany you. He only kept sitting there since a half hour ago. Meditating…something…”
“Bwo?! Ani…aniya. I can go home by myself.”
‘Crazy! Be accompany by Yesung?! Actually, I want to. But…me? I’m not a suitable girl to walk beside him. Plus, we never talk,’ you quietly glanced at him for awhile.
Yesung suddenly stand up and went to you and Yoon Jun. The way he walking and looking at you, you just couldn’t expected what was or were in his mind. Whether he was cursing you for troubled him or maybe there were something else.
“Gaja! Let me send you home on my ride,” he said.
“There! Yesung have volunteering himself already,” Yoon Jun interjected.
“Err gwaenchana. I-I can go home by myself.”
“It is snowy and cold at outside. Plus it is 10 now, criminals could be anywhere,” he replied, sound like an advice.
“Erm…” You were thinking for awhile.
“Aishh! Don’t think too much if you really want to go home. Just go!” Yoon Jun hit your head suddenly.
“Yah! It’s hurt!”
“You deserved that.”
You stroked your head while pouting.

Decision had made. You went home by took a ride on Yesung’s motorcycle. You didn’t know whether it was something that you must to be grateful or cry for it. It felt very awkward sitting behind Yesung and hugged him without reason. However, that just a moment till you arrived at home.
“Gomawo. Sorry for troubled you,” you said, sincerely from deep in your heart.
Yesung didn’t say a thing and ready to leave. But you…
‘Why we can’t stay like this for another moment?’
“Err Yesung.”
Yesung brought his sight to you. However you couldn’t saw that beautiful eyes looking at you as his face was fully covered by helmet face shield.
You then kissed him by only on the shield. Was that cool enough?
“Goodnight. Bye,” you leave him and never looked back again.
No one knew how Yesung felt that time. That was including you.

It was lunch time. And yet there was someone craved for vanilla-blackcurrant ice-cream. That person no other was Yoon Jun. Well she always being stupid and insane during her menstruation. You thought Yoon Jun was such a misfortune in your life.
“Ahjussi, could you bring me vanilla-blackcurrant ice cream? Medium size, please,” you asked to a man that was guarding at the counter.
“Alright. Wait for awhile.”
That man went away and there was only you standing in front of the counter waiting for vanilla-blackcurrant ice-cream to be fed to a shit sister. You looked around the café, just to throw out your boring feeling while waiting.
Suddenly your eyes caught a view of a couple which was kissing in public. They seemed like going to die with their shit love. You felt suck. But as you looked at the boyfriend, you felt even worst when saw he was Yesung who was kissing with a woman that you even never one to know her name.
“Shit!” That word accidentally came out from your mouth. It is just another voice for your regrets.
You ran out from the café and forgot about the ice cream. Your heart was fully burnt and melted. It was unexpected to see Yesung kissing with other woman. It felt like world was laughing at you. You shed the tears.
Without your realised, Yesung was chasing after you at behind. That man was chasing the top runner during his secondary school and it was damn tiring. However, he done it well and you were caught.
“Wait!” Yesung grabbed your hand and hold it tightly.
“Yesung?” You shocked.
“It was the last,” he said, gasping.
“Bwo?” You blurred.
“Wae? Why don’t you say it? Just say it to me!” he suddenly raised his voice.
Both of you started being public attention.
“What? What I’ve to say to you? There’s nothing to say!” you raised your voice too with no reason. It was an uncontrolled reaction.
“Say that you love me! You love me right, _______?!” Yesung mentioned your full name.
You startled and being speechless out of blue. There was nothing passed through your mind. Nothing you could think and say. What you saw was only Yesung’s eyes which were staring at you fiercely.
“Saranghae, _______-ah,” Yesung kissed you as soon as he done his words.
You hate it when Yesung’s lips that had been kissed by other girl in touched with yours. You thought that you might not the second. However, you did nothing about it. Your lips welcomed the kiss.
“Are you having fun kissing someone?” You asked him in a strict way. No matter what, you still had your hatred towards him.
“Yeah. I have so much fun playing this love game since our third year in secondary school,” he said.
“You know what? My life is like suck when I’ve to keep this feeling deep inside my heart quietly for this long. Actually I was afraid to take a risk for being rejected so I decided to love you in this way. But seem like not now. I know, I’m sure that you’ve the same feeling.”
“Then, what were you doing just now? I can see how suck your life is,” you said, cynically.
“She is just an ex-girlfriend. She just left me a goodbye ‘gift’. That’s why…it was the last. Because from now, I’ll only kiss you,” he kissed your lips again but this time he did it passionately.
The public clapped their hands and cheered for your love that just went to bloom.
‘Now I know. I’m the only suitable girl to be at side of this charming prince. Yeah! Only me,’ you raised your confidence.



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Oh, tidak...tidak...!
Farahin bukan hendak cerita pasal LONGKANG versi ke-4.
It's just....like...kesinambungan kepada LONGKANG 1,2 & 3. Huh?
Whateverlah. Sambung baca lagi...

Alhamdulillah. Apa yang dirancang terlaksana.
Hari ni dapat juga berjimba dengan buddyz.
But still kurang seorang. Raidah.
Hmm bilalah dapat berjimba dalam kuantiti yang cukup?
Aznie, Raidah, Farrah, Asminah dan Farahin.
Barulah happening nanti.
Ermm maybe someday, somewhere, sometime? Err

Apapun jalan-jalan dengan buddyz memang best.
Mengarut itu ini, merapu macam-macam,
just untuk eratkan our friendship.
And Farahin dapat rasakan we're all getting closer with Asminah, The New Member.
Well, secara rasminya Asminah bukanlah new member lagi.
She's already part of us. Love you, girl! Hihi

Kalau pergi jalan-jalan, sure tak best kalau tak beli komik.
Yep! Farahin beli komik lagi! And...
Mengalami delima lagi! Huhu
Singgah ke POPULAR di Kluang Mall.
Siapa yang tak pernah jejak kat Kluang,
Kluang Mall and Kluang Parade umpama syurga remaja.
Ramai budak-budak lepasan sekolah like us pergi ke sana.
Rasa macam KM dan KP belia yang punya! Haha
Okey, sambung...

Kat POPULAR I bought Perawan Pisces.
Actually ada dua komik yang buat Farahin jatuh hati,
Perawan Pisces and Toko...apa entah namanya.
Lupa sudah. Tapi nampak best.
Farahin siap minta Farrah decide whick komik nak beli.
Farrah pilih komik yang lagi satu.
Farahin pun dengan rasa yang still ragu-ragu letak Perawan Pisces balik ke rak
dan heret komik Toko(tak ingat tajuk) ke kaunter.
But then Farahin back to rak, ambil Perawan Pisces dan tinggalkan Toko.

Ternyata Perawan Pisces memang sebuah karya yang superb!
Jakun giler bila buka komik ni tengok ia sebuah komik berwarna.
First time beli dan baca komik berwarna. Sebab tu jakun.
Apatah lagi harga pun still standard, RM 7.50. Sweet kan...
Memang eksaited giler baca Perawan Pisces. (sebab berwarna)
Apapun, plot cerita menarik and of coz,
komik memang tak sah kalau tak mengarut dan merapu. haha
Sejam setengah, Farahin done habiskan Perawan Pisces.
Syabas Santa Fung! Saya suka Perawan Pisces!
Dan kucing awak juga! (rasanya tu gambar kucing Santa kat last page for certification)

Oh! Lupa nak beritahu why tajuk post LONGKANG 4.
Sebab kalau dikaji-kaji semula,
any post Farahin dengan tajuk LONGKANG,
the theme is all about FRIENDSHIP.
So samalah dengan yang ini.
That's why bagi tajuk post LONGKANG.
Dan lagi, any post bertajuk LONGKANG
pasti ada menceritakan peristiwa yang pelik dan unik.
And this time apa yang pelik dan uniknya ialah...
Dari Kluang Parade ke McD ke Kluang Mall,
kami asyik terserempak dengan cleaner yang sedang buat kerja mengemop.
Macam ada jodoh je.

Actually kami patut dah perasan
sejak first lagi kami jejak ke KP untuk berkaraoke. (Farahin duduk tahan telinga je)
Kami dapat bilik 24(bilik yang kedua last but near to kaunter). Masa masuk, tak perasan apa-apa.
Bila keluar, WANGINYAaa!
Sebab ada mop dan baldi yang berbau pencuci.
There! Dari situlah kisah kami terserempak dengan cleaners bermula!
Sebab kami nampak mop dan baldi. Err macam bodoh je bunyi. haha
Actually masa on the way ke tempat karaoke
kami memang ada terserempak dengan cleaner di KFC-KP. Hahaha

Same like other LONGKANG,
kami duduk dan berdiri dekat dengan longkang.
And then, something weird happened! Huhu
Unik dan hebatnya cara Allah aturkan perjalanan masa dan hidup kami.
Mungkin orang lain takkan nampak benda-benda macam ni.
But for me, benda-benda ni lah yang buat kisah kami yang kecil dan tidak menarik
menjadi unik dan paling terbaik! Yeah. Sangat sweet.

Apa yang kita ada hari ini, itulah yang terbaik. Alhamdulillah...


Now, What?

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At last, SPM for sains tulen TAMAT!
Esok plan hendak pergi berjimba dengan buddyz.
Then, what? Kerja?
Berniat juga.
But before that, Farahin hendak ambil lesen menunggang kuda motosikal dulu.
Think about ambil lesen, rasa gigil lah pula. Huhu
Ahhh, jinjja! Farahin still tak ready nak keluar dari tempurung hidup.
Rasa macam tak percaya yang Farahin tak akan ke sekolah lagi.
And I need to do something...like...orang dah besar? Err
Aznie going to go for work katanya this sunday.
Selamat berkerja, kawan!
Okeylah. Done here.
Almost sebulan Farahin tak conteng blog kan?
Ini pun untuk ada-ada saja.
As a prove that I'm still here as a blogger.
Oh Oh! Now bolehlah Farahin dating dengan Yesung oppa 24 jam.
Like KFC and 7-E. Huh?
Hihi. Jangan jeles.
Kau ada? Haha

p/s: All the best for students that still on battle!



why no one told me that i put wrong links for my Novel Pendek : Lutsinaran ? hiks. i just corrected it. you're invited to read it. =) -01/07/2020-