Kisahnya KMJ #1

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Hello, world!

Since nothing worth to share about my life today,
so i want to share about my moments while i was in KMJ.
What is KMJ? Kolej Matrikulasi Johor.
Anyone going to be there? Goodluck to you! Huhu.

So, let's start with the first day in Mento-menti Meeting.
It was a weekly meeting between a practicum with a teacher
who responsible to take care all about the practicum.

On that day, Cikgu Zuraidah asked us to draw anything
that represent ourselves.
My first drawing was a stone. Why?
A stone. A big one may give you a seat.
A little one may let you kick it for you to free your anger.
Not everyone noticed these great side of an ordinary stone, right?
Usually, not everyone noticed me and the great side of me.
Sometimes...someone easily left with no words.
Someone easily misjudge me.
However, a stone also knows karma.
Your toe may feel pain if you kick it too often.
You will find that it is strong and heavy
if you used to take it as easy thing.
Me. I can be very nice and good.
But I also can be the worst. Evil, ha? huhu
Plus, I can't be between the two.

But then, I considered the drawing back.
The bell in my head gave me a shock.
"I am not a STONE!"
"I am Nurfarahin."
I realized...
nothing can represented me.
No stone, No whatever it was.
Moreover, I was the one and only child/daughter in my family.
I readily made only ONE.
There is only one me.
So I made a new drawing.
On the paper, written...

When Cikgu Zuraidah asked me to present it to the class, I said...
"At first I drew a stone but then I redrew it and it became my name.
Nurfarahin. I am me. Stone is not me. And of course, I am not a stone..."
Honestly, I presented it awkwardly because it was a solo presentation.

Nurfarahin. The first thing people used to find about her is MYSTERIOUS.
You may think that it is hard to know her.
However, you cannot resist how curious you are about her.

Sounds like I proud to myself too much, right?
Yes, I am. That's how I appreciate myself.
Not too say I am too good. But to say, Alhamdulillah.

Second Kisahnya KMJ #2 will followed soon!
Till then, thank you for stepped by.

Allah SWT is the only PERFECT. What have been given to you may be not perfect enough. But it is the most perfect from Him. Be positive.



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Hello, peeps!
my new interest...J-Rock! Wanna join the club?

Finally, I am home!
Had graduated from matriculation college two days ago.
Now, waiting for the call of greatest future 4 months from here.
I hope there is an university want to take me in.

So, know I'm back to blogging!
It had been too long i posted nothing here.
So boriiinngg...

To Super Junior.ᴱᴺᵀ 's followers and other bloggers,
since today do mind inform me any giveaway or contest.
Dah lama abang posmen tak singgah rumah. Haha

Till then, chill yaw!
Meet you all other time.

p/s: Oh! This is the first post in 2015. What?!!



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