Officially Semester Break

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Hi, peeps! It's the second week of January 2018.
And I am officially on semester break mode.
Alhamdulillah. Finally, done all the papers.
Going to pack my bag tomorrow morning
and get ready to back home. Wohoo!

I already have my to-watch list
for this one month semester break.
Not sure if I can finish all of it.
But for sure I'll watch as much as I can.

Besides that, I am very excited to hang out with my bff.
Especially, to have karaoke together.
I have been holding myself too long. Haha
But they are still not done their papers.
Have to wait for another week. Huu
Yes. I am the first finished my fifth semester.

Mom also had messaged me oftenly since last week.
I know she is missing me. Miss her too.
But I am used to act like a stone.
Rough yet sentimental. Haha

To you who is still struggling on your exam,
I wish you good luck! Take care your health and sleep.
Till then, bubye.
Good night. =)

If you are tired, take a rest never quit.


Last Paper, First Post

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Hi, peeps! Dah seminggu 2018 menjelang.
I know I am late. But better late than never.
So, Welcome 2018! Haha

Sekarang jam pukul 1.31 pagi. Roommates baru nak masuk tidur.
Yet I am here facing Super Junior.ᴱᴺᵀ with dancing fingers. Hihi
Macam biasa dah macam tabiat Farahin sembang malam2 buta gini.
Esok will be my last paper. Web Scripting.
This is the course yang paling Farahin suka this semester.
Well, course ni banyak ajar macam mana nak create websites and its database.
Pretty like main edit2 blog juga. Common language used are html, css, javascript and sql.
Mana yang sifu2 bab edit blog ni mesti biasa kan. Farahin pun dah biasa.
Tapi before this memang tak tahu nama2 tu semua. Tahu copy paste je. Haha
Tapi dengan adanya course ni at least Farahin dah dapat pencerahan sikit.
Hopefully, tommorrow paper will be nice to me. Hehe

Hmm. Alhamdulillah. Akhirnya bertemu juga Farahin dengan 2018.
Kalau sebelum ni, rasa macam jauh jauh jauh sangat kan.
Nothing much change over this one week 2018.
Except rambut dah mula panjang, umur dah meningkat setahun lagi,
berat badan apatah lagi, dah nak masuk Tahun 3 Semester 2,
dan yang paling best stay single. Hehe

Azam 2018 ni still belum figure it out.
Last year punya azam(Semester 1) nak tidur awal. At least before 1.00 am.
Tapi dapat langsai half of the semester only. Lepas tu kelaut dah jam tidurnya.
All because of the doom of assignments and mini project.
Semester ni not sure though sebab Farahin ada final year project.
That is bigger than just a mere mini project. Huhu
Apapun, wish me luck!

Till then, I wish your 2018 will be hit!
Gudnite. Bubye. =)

Be like an orange, be strange and make change.



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