Officially Semester Break

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Hi, peeps! It's the second week of January 2018.
And I am officially on semester break mode.
Alhamdulillah. Finally, done all the papers.
Going to pack my bag tomorrow morning
and get ready to back home. Wohoo!

I already have my to-watch list
for this one month semester break.
Not sure if I can finish all of it.
But for sure I'll watch as much as I can.

Besides that, I am very excited to hang out with my bff.
Especially, to have karaoke together.
I have been holding myself too long. Haha
But they are still not done their papers.
Have to wait for another week. Huu
Yes. I am the first finished my fifth semester.

Mom also had messaged me oftenly since last week.
I know she is missing me. Miss her too.
But I am used to act like a stone.
Rough yet sentimental. Haha

To you who is still struggling on your exam,
I wish you good luck! Take care your health and sleep.
Till then, bubye.
Good night. =)

If you are tired, take a rest never quit.


Mizz'strawery Smile said...

Yeah! dah habis paper! ^^ happy holiday sis! and happy new year too ^^ good luck on every single thing :)

Flavnesz said...

Enjoy your holiday.. :)

Mormor said...

Selamat bercuti! Hee, mesti lega habis paper dah kann :)

Siqah Hussin said...

Holiday lagi ke tu? 😅 Enjoy your holiday. Suka ayat bawah sekali tu, never quit. Yeayy.

Raydah said...

have a great semester break


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