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Hello, peeps! Lamanya tak berceloteh dekat Super Junior.ᴱᴺᵀ.
Sebulan skipped. Well, internet limited.
Tak daya nak layankan blog. Haha

The new semester already started since February.
But it was hard for me to get myself ready.
Main case di sini ialah FYP1.

Day by day passed, Farahin cannot stopped worrying about this FYP1.
It make me felt unease and mind blocked at the most of time.
Week by week passed, Week 1, 2, 3, and now is Week 4...
at last Farahin decided untuk drop this course.
Just yesterday. Huhu

Somehow, I was just feeling not right about it.
Somehow, I know I am not ready.
Somehow, it was like I was drowning through the flowing river.
Sebab ramai students ambil FYP1, so do I have to?
Sebab FYP1 is recommended in university study plan, so do it have to be now?

Farahin tahu kekurangan dan kelebihan sendiri.
I am not a very fast learner. At some times, I am clumsy and slow.
Nak banding dengan kawan2 yang lain, Farahin ada banyak repeated paper.
Dari situlah I learned more about my study and learning style.

If I want to change, if I want to improve,
tak bermakna Farahin kena berlari sama dengan kawan2 yang lain.
I have my own path. That's where I should lead myself.

Semester ni pun Farahin still pursue on some basic courses.
Yang mana courses ni orang lain banyak dah settle masa Year 1 and 2.
I know where I am. I can rush things but not myself.
Takut at one time, I get exhausted
dan jatuh tersungkur tak dapat bangun.

Susah memang susah. Payah memang payah.
Rasa tertinggal sangat dekat belakang.
Tapi itulah dunia sekarang. Persaingan tak pernah habis.
Yet I hate competing. Farahin cuma nak fokus dan perbaiki diri sendiri je.

Somehow, I know why I never get familiar with sports.
Because it has a very close relationship with competition.
Kalau masa sekolah rendah dulu, ada je Farahin join lumba lari
untuk pemilihan wakil rumah sukan.
Tapi perasaan bersaing dan ditinggalkan tu
buat Farahin rasa sedih dan marah.

Macam mana dengan orang yang tertinggal di belakang Farahin?
Apa perasaan orang yang berlari di sebelah Farahin?
I think, I prefer works things together or on my own.
Without leaving anyone behind. Especially, me.
Meh! Bukan semua orang faham.

Akhirnya, Farahin end up walking my path alone.
I am fine.

Tak lupa juga, I am confirmed I have to extend another semester.
I am ready. I have been calculating my credits since last semester.
I will have my FYP1 next semester and FYP2 for the next after.
For that extend semester, I will go for industrial training.
Inshaallah. May Allah ease my success.

Don't be afraid of being left behind. Be afraid of being stuck there.

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