Alhamdulillah. I'm back to dropship. Do check out my igshop everyone! - Sun, 12/11/2023 -
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Posted by ELFarahin | On November 18, 2023 | |

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum....

Hello, peeps! Happy Weekend. What's the plan? I'm thinking about going to Pasar Sabtu but I don't really want to go out today haha. Anyway, I have good news to share with you all. Alhamdulillah. I'm back to dropship!

Just like my previous dropship, I go with photo printing service again. Macam sebelum ni juga, I sell along with experience. Servisnya Farahin dah guna. Product pun Farahin dah dapat. Everything memang memuaskan! Below sample is from my own side.

Currently ada OFFER combo package tau. Customer boleh dapatkan album gambar dan lomo photo dalam satu harga. Combo package ni ada dua jenis dan limited. Jadi kalau you all pun berkenan hati dengan combo package ni, contact je Farahin. 

You all boleh je cuci mata dulu dekat I also would feel grateful and much supported kalau you all follow atau klik button like sebiji dua. More items are coming soon. Farahin cuba untuk buat post daily. Boleh jadi 'coming soon' tu entah-entah esok haha.

Bismillah. Moganya Farahin tak mudah jemu. Tak kering idea, semangat, dan kreativiti untuk iklankan produk. Dan moganya someday Farahin pun boleh buat bisnes smol smol juga. Bisnes yang boleh buat both me and customer-to-be happy. Aamiin =)



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