ELFiction: The Chance (Kangin ft. Kyuhyun)

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Edited by Me, Helped(Img) by Google :)

Cho Kyuhyun, Kim Young Woon and You are best friends since in the primary school. Three of you had many laughs and so much cries together. But then, when three of you went in the secondary school, Kim Young Woon confessed his love to you and proposed you to be his girlfriend. You finally accepted Kim Young Woon as your boyfriend and love him more than other boys. And that includes Cho Kyuhyun. Since Kim Young Woon and you loving each other, Cho Kyuhyun started make a distant. He rarely went along with you and Kim Young Woon.

One day, during recess time you wanted to meet Kim Young Woon at his class. As you arrived at front of the class, suddenly you saw Kim Young Woon was kissing with other girl. Plus, she was a noona. Your heart was completely broken. Your tears automatically went rushing through your cheeks. Kim Young Woon was shocked also. His face turned pale and the forehead was sweating when he saw you. Without asking for explanation, you leaved the class immediately. Kim Young Woon tried to chase you but you went faster than him. Finally, he lost you.

You absent your class till the school day ended. Along the time, you were crying so much in the school basketball court till your eyes went red and swelled . After the school ended, you went to the field near your neighbourhood and tried to feel some peace by the greenery scene. However, sometimes your tears were falling accidentally. Your heart still doesn't lose its hurt and your mind kept replayed the incident. Till then, you fall asleep at the field till the day went absolutely dark and cold.

Your mother was worried about you. She called for Kim Young Woon but no one answered the call. So she called for Cho Kyuhyun and asked for his help to look for you. Finally, you were found by Cho Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun: ________-ah. Why don't you go home? -stroking your head-
You: -sobbing in your sleep-
Kyuhyun: -wondering- Waeyo? Are you crying?
You: -awake- Uhh Kyuhyun?
Kyuhyun: Mom is waiting for you. Gaja. -smile-
You: I don't want to go home. -hide your face-
Kyuhyun: -lost his smile- Wae?
You: -started crying-
Kyuhyun: -anxious- Bwo? Yah, ________. Waeyo?
You: I feel jerk! My heart is hurt so much. -crying-
Kyuhyun: Yah, ________.
You: -keep crying-
Kyuhyun: Yah, don't cry. Stop crying. -hug you-
You: -crying- Young Woon-ah. Kim Young Woon. Kangin! -shouted for Kim Young Woon's name-

Since the incident, you went close with Cho Kyuhyun. There were about many times you got calls from Kim Young Woon but you never answered it. Plus, you had deleted his phone number. However, you still remembered the number just like how you still remember and love him. When you met him at school, you pretended to not to see him. Even you really wanted to ask him about the incident.

You just finished your music class. As you wanted back to the class, accidentally you saw Kyuhyun was reading in the library through the transparent galss at the library. You went into the library and met him. You startled him from his back. Yet, the librarian warned you to behave yourself. You just make shamed on yourself. Kyuhyun laughed at you.

You: What are you reading?
Kyuhyun: A book of laws.
You: Bwo?! What is your ambition?
Kyuhyun: A lawyer. A great lawyer.
You: Hmm suited with you. Huhu
Kyuhyun: How about you?
You: Ermm I'm not good in singing but I love music. So maybe I'll be a composer? Hihi
Kyuhyun: Hmm suited to you too. Goodluck. -smile-
You: Alright. I have to go. Meet you after school. -leave-
Kyuhyun: Okay.
You: Oh, I forget. -back to Kyuhyun- Bye. -kiss his cheek and leave-
Kyuhyun: -shocked-

It was weekend. Kyuhyun and you went out together. Both of you went shopping, playing games and ate at the restaurant together. When Kyuhyun and you went out from a restaurant, suddenly both of you accidentally met Kim Young Woon at front of the restaurant. You were shocked to meet Kim Young Woon at there. You immediately hold Kyuhyun's hand tightly to get some strength. Kim Young Woon saw both of you were holding hands. He then suddenly hated to see it and roughly grabbed your hand.

Kangin: I've something to tell you. Gaja. -pull your hand-
You: -Pull your hand back- There is nothing to tell.
Kangin: Yah, _________.
You: I'm with Kyuhyun right now. Today, tomorrow, always, and forever. -tears falling-
Kangin: Yah, _________. -raised his voice- Okay. About that day, I'm sorry. It's not like what have you seen. She the one who started it first.
You: Pabo. If she started it first, then why don't you try to avoid it? Or you really don't want to?
Kangin: -quiet-
You: Gaja. Kyuhyun. -pulled Kyuhyun's hand and leave-

Kyuhyun and you were in the public bus, in the journey went home. However, there were no one in the bus accepted you, Kyuhyun, driver and an old man who sat behind the driver. Your tearing eyes looking out of the window, watching the vehicles went through the road in each of their own speed. Everyone wanted quick and fast. So does you. You hope that Kim Young Woon would quickly go out from your heart and mind in a short time. You hated to suffer the hurt everytime.

Kyuhyun: -looking at you- Gwaenchanayo?
You: The vehicles are very fast. I wish I'll forget Kangin as fast as theirs. Or maybe more than theirs.
Kyuhyun: -trying to reach your hand. doubtful-
You: -suddenly put your head on his shoulder- Gomaseupnida. -holds Kyuhyun's hand-
Kyuhyun: -wiped your tears- You can count on me.
You: -went closer to him and close your eyes-

Kyuhyun wanted to the toilet. Yet, he could felt that there was someone following him. As he turned his back, a punch went onto his face. He was shocked. As he looked to the person, he didn't expected that it was Kangin who beated him. Some more punches went onto Kyuhyun's face and stomach. Kyuhyun really had a hard time to get up. He didn't ask Kangin anything. He knew that Kangin was angry and had so much hates towards him. And of course, the reason was you.

Kangin: You're such a bitch! What do you thinkyou are?! Barhae! -yearning-
Kyuhyun: Kangin...
Kangin: Shit! -cutted off and punched Kyuhyun's face-
Kyuhyun: Hah. Ha ha. In this case, I wouldn't let _______ back to you. -cynical smile-
Kangin: Bwo?
Kyuhyun: It's you who hurt her. Not me. So, be careful. -leave-
Kangin: Yah, Khyuhyun! Cho Kyuhyun!

You were sitting on the bench alone at the playground near your neighbourhood. You were waiting for Kyuhyun. Yet, you didn't realised that you has been watching by someone. That person was Kangin. He then wanted to meet you in surprised.

Kangin: ________.
You: -looked at your back- Kangin. -stand up. shocked-
Kangin: Gwaenchana. Just sit there. I won't be long. -sit on the bench-
You: What do you want?
Kangin: Nothing. -smile- Just..
You: Just what?
Kangin: Is it true that I don't have any chance to get you back?
You: -quiet-
Kangin: -cynical smile- I take that as yes.
You: Then, what are you waiting for? Just go. Leave me.
Kangin: -stand up- Hmm or maybe I'm wrong. The answer may be no. -smile- Bye. -kiss your cheek and leave-
You: Nappeun namja. -tearing eyes-

Cho Kyuhyun was running as fast as he could to the playground. _________ must've waiting for him for so long. He very sure that she'll get mad. As he arrived at the playground, he shouted your name very loud. But then, you even didn’t looked at him. So he went to you.

Kyuhyun: Hah. Mianhae. Are you angry? -hold your shoulder-
You: -ignored him and tried to hide your crying face-
Kyuhyun: Yah, ________. -face you- Waeyo?
You: -kept crying- Kangin. Kangin. He's coming just now.
Kyuhyun: -shocked- Bwo? What that shit want from you?
You: He..he asked me whether is there any chance for him or not. Kyuhyun-ah. I want him back. I want to give him the chance. But I'm too scare. Too scare if the same thing happen and I'll get hurt. Eotteokhae? Eotteokhae, Kyuhyun-ah? -crying out loud-
Kyuhyun: Shhh..gwaenchana. Don't think about it for now. Calm yourself. -hug you-
You: -hug him back-

Cho Kyuhyun was doing his homeworks when he accepted a text from ________. She told him that she wanted to his house. Kyuhyun was shocked. He then quickly tidy his study table and opened his cupboard, looked for nice clothes to wear. He wanted to look good in front of ________. Suddenly, someone went into his room and it was ________. Kyuhyun was freaking shocked.

You: Annyeong ! -happy-
Kyuhyun: ___________.
You: Wae? Are you shocked?
Kyuhyun: Yae. Too shocked.
You: -laugh- Ups! Mianhae. So..this is your room. -look around-
Kyuhyun: How can you find my room? I mean...how did you know?
You: Waeyo? Do you think that your house very big so it may hard for me to find your room? -sit on his bed- Actually, I met your parents outside just now. They wanted to go somewhere for something. So they asked me to meet you straight to your room. Then finally, I found it! Hihi
Kyuhyun: -look down and smile-
You: Waeyo?
Kyuhyun: Nothing. It's just..I'm happy to see you come to my house. Instead in my room. -sit beside you-
You: Wae? Why it make you so happy?
Kyuhyun: -stare at you- Because it's better you're here than never. -keep staring at you-
You: Bwo? Yah. Why did you looking at me like that? -trembling-
Kyuhyun: Can I kiss you now? -directly asking-
You: -quiet-
Kyuhyun: -smile- Just forget about it. -look at other way-
You: Hahaha. Aigoo. -hit your own head-
Kyuhyun: Bwoya?
You: I shouldn't take it so serious. I should know that you just kidding. Hahaha.
Kyuhyun: -laugh awkwardly- Hahaha. Finally. You've been trapped. -sigh-

There was a basketball match in your school and Cho Kyuhyun was one of the team members. When he was playing, suddenly his head got hitted by the ball and fainted. He was sent to the emergency room and his place had replaced by a reserve player. You then wanted to visit him in the emergency room. As you went into the room, suddenly Kim Young Woon went out from the room at the same time. You were shocked but tried to ignore him.

You: -running- Kyuhyun-ah.
Kyuhyun: __________.
You: Gwaenchanayo? I saw you got hitted on your head. And then you fainted. Your nose was bleeding. And..
Kyuhyun: Yah, _________-ah. I'm alright. -cutted your words-
You: Really?
Kyuhyun: Yes.
You: Huhh. I'm really worried about you. -relief-
Kyuhyun: -giggle- Gomawo.
You: Yae.
Kyuhyun: ________-ah. Can you help me bring my bag from the court to me?
You: Yes. Anything for you. Huhu -full of spirit-
Kyuhyun: -smile-

When you were in your journey to the court, you saw Kim Young Woon was standing by the window. You then avoided from seeing his face and went rushing to the court. Suddenly, Kim Young Woon grabbed your hand and doesn't let it go even you tried to pull it back. You tried harder till your tears run out it times to fell. Kim Young Woon felt very sorry to see you crying. He then dragged you into his hug.

Kangin: Mianhae.
You: -trying to out from his hug-
Kangin: -hug you tighter- Mianhae, ________-ah.
You: -gave up-
Kangin: Mianhaeyo.
You: -crying- Wae? Why did you do this to me? Wae?
Kangin: Mianhae. -tearing eyes-
You: You hurt me. Hurt me so much. Hurt me.
Kangin: Mianhae. -falling tears-
You: -kept crying-
Kangin: -let you go- Give me that chance. Please.
You: No.
Kangin: Please. -holds your hands-
You: Andwae.
Kangin: Please. -kneeling-
You: -shake your head-
Kangin: Please. _________.
You: -look in to his eyes- Only..only this once.
Kangin: -relief- Kamsahabnida.
You: -wiped his tears-
Kangin: -stand up- Jeongmal mianhae. -kissed your forehead-
You: Saranghae. -sincerely-
Kangin: Nae. Saranghaeyo. -hug you tightly-

Kim Young Woon, you and your family were having breakfast together. Your parents seemed very happy to see your close relationship between Kim Young Woon. Kim Young Woon and you were teasing and laughed to each other and the parents joined along. Suddenly, someone pressed the house bell. It was Cho Kyuhyun who look smart dan handsome in his gray coat and a pair of spectacles at the bridge of his nose.

You: Ah, Kyuhyun-ah. Come in.
Kyuhyun: Err no need. _________-ah. I've something to tell you. Erm privately?
You: Oh. Okay. Let's go to the playground. Guys, I'm going for awhile. -leave the house-

At the playground Kyuhyun's face obviously look serious. And you were really sure there must be something important he wanted to tell you. You looked at his clothes from top till the bottom. He look like wanted to go somewhere. So you directly asked him as you couldn't hold on your curiousness.

You: Kyuhyun-ah. Are you going to somewhere? You look different this morning. And... -sniffing- I even can smell your perfume. Huhu
Kyuhyun: How do I look like? More handsome? -smile-
You: Ermm let's see. Nope.
Kyuhyun: Bwo?
You: Your clothes look really expensive. It makes you lost your sexy side. Most look like a prince. -smile brightly-
Kyuhyun: -giggle-
You: So, what do you want to say about?
Kyuhyun: Err family and I going to move out. We'll stay in abroad. And..I'll have my school there.
You: Bwo? -shocked- Today?
Kyuhyun: Erm yes.
You: Yah. Then I'll miss you. -pout-
Kyuhyun: Then I should be happy. -smile-
You: Hmm take care, okay.
Kyuhyun: Arasseo. Ermm ____________-ah. Can I hug you?
You: Sure. -happy-
Kyuhyun: -hug you- Kamsahabnida. -suddenly sobbing-
You: Uh? Kyuhyun-ah.
Kyuhyun: Don't move. Don't look at me.
You: Yah. Don't be so sad. I'll always contact you. Okay?
Kyuhyun: -let go of you- Who said? It's just cold.
You: -pinch his cheek- Ahh you're so cute.
Kyuhyun: Yah, please don't do that.
You: -laugh-
Kyuhyun: Erm I've something for you. -take out an envelope and give it to you-
You: Oh. What's this? -take it-
Kyuhyun: Don't open it now. Open when I'm leaving. -smile-
You: Arasseo.
Kyuhyun: -sigh- I've to go now.
You: Yae.
Kyuhyun: -stare at you-
You: Waeyo?
Kyuhyun: Can I kiss you now?
You: -shocked- Err...I'm dead with Kangin then.
Kyuhyun: -giggle- Arasseo. Just a joke. -smile- Bye. -leave-
You: Bye. -sigh-

It was about 8:40 a.m. 10 minutes ago Kyuhyun just leaved you at the playground. And you stayed there with and an envelope in your hands. You were very curious about the content in the envelope. As what has Kyuhyun reminded you to open it after he had leaved, so you bet that was the right time to open it. When you opened the envelope, there you saw a white silver bracelet with two lockets in heart shape on it and a letter.

You: Wow~ it's so beautiful. -put the bracelet on your wrist- Oh. It's suit to my wrist. Yah, Kyuhyun is very understanding. Hmm let's read the letter now.

                "How’s the bracelet? Do you like it? Anyway, it's not about that I want to say here. What I'm trying to say here is I love you. I even love you before Kangin. But who knows? The best man win. So he's the winner. And I only a stepped away to win. Actually, it's hard for me to say how much I love you. Anyway, please be happy in your life. And of course with Kangin. Never cry and avoid from being hurt. Because it'll hurt me so much. And I hate it. I hope you don't cry when you know this. Please. Your tears are too precious for me. Don't worry. I'll be fine. I'll learn to love other girl. A girl who will make me feel the same thing like how I feel towards you. Promise. And do you know why I always asked you whether I can kiss you or not? Because I wish I could to kiss you. But your answers always means no. So can I ask you for the last time? Can I kiss you? If your answer is yes, finally! That's means I've reach to your heart. Even just a little. __________. It's not your kiss that I want actually. It's your heart, your hope that I need. Like how you did when Kangin hurt you. I love to see you stayed beside me. Smile and laughed to me. I won't forget that. Finally, God gave me chance to be someone special in your life even it just for awhile. I thought I wouldn't have it since you went with Kangin before. I'll miss that chance. And of course I'll miss you too. Do be happy with Kangin. He do love you very much. If you need shoulder to cry on, I'll always be there. But I still hope you wouldn't cry again. Till then, thank you and I love you, ___________."

Your tears fall when you read the letter. You never realized that Kyuhyun really love you that much. Yet you felt guilty to him. He had been so kind to you but then he still beings hurt. You looked at the bracelet and Kyuhyun image appeared in your mind. Your heart praised for his kindness and sincerity. As how God had gifted him chance to be someone special beside you, you hope God will give him chance to fall in love to other better girl.

You: Yes. Yes. You can kiss me. -point to Kyuhyun-

Woww! This is too long! And..boring? Till then, you can laugh for my broken eng. Hikhiks


First Doodle Using Paint Sai

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Tadaa~! Kyute tak? Cantik tak? Ohsemm tak? Hehee
This I make using Paint Sai. For the first time. Huhu
At first, Farahin ingat nak lukis chibi pipi tembam macam Shin Chan, bontot montok macam Maruko Chan. Ehh :p Maruko bukan kurus ke? Hahaa
Tapi tak jadi-jadi. Fed up! Farahin lukislah type of cartoon that I used to draw.
Then, beginilah hasilnya !
Mintak komen ! Puji lebih-lebih sikit :p

p/s: I'm worrying about Yesung oppa :/


Surat Untuk Hati

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#GetWellSoonYesung #StayStrongYesung

Assalamualaikum Hati, 
apa khabar awak?
Nampaknya malam ini awak telah membalas surat saya yang lepas,
bicara yang awak lontarkan melalui air mata ini jelas menunjukkan keadaan awak yang sebenar.
Mengapa begini?
Kasihan awak.
Masih dalam kesedihan.
Baru malam ini saya sedar,
jelaslah perasaan itu masih belum beredar.
Wahai Hati,
maaf kerana selama ini saya enggan mendengar kata-kata awak.
Awak selalu beritahu bahawa awak masih menyayangi dia.
Walaupun setahun lalu segalanya kelihatan baik-baik sahaja.
Awak ikut kehendak saya yang ingin jauh daripadanya.
Sedangkan awak selalu menoleh ke belakang, berat meninggalkan dia.
Maafkan saya kerana menyeksa awak selama ini.
Saya tidak tahu mana yang benar, mana yang tidak.
Saya tidak tahu mana yang baik, mana yang tidak.
Sebaliknya, saya keliru memikirkan apa yang terbaik untuk awak.
Wahai Hati,
Benarkah awak tidak mahu berhenti?
Saya mengasihani awak.
Usah ambil risiko ini jika berat untuk dipikul.
Malam ini awak menunjukkan betapa awak merindui dia.
Betapa awak rindu untuk menangis demi dia.
Betapa awak rindu untuk menyayangi dia seperti sediakala.
Betapa awak rindu untuk menyebut namanya.
Betapa awak ingin melihat dan berada dekat dengannya.
Sungguh benarkah awak menyayangi dia?
Mengapa? Kerana ikhlas?
Tetapi apakah yang sempurna atau baik tentangnya?
Maaf bertanya begini.
Saya cuma ingin tahu.
Mungkin sebab telah Allah kurniakan perasaan ini melaluinya,
dan awak tidak mahu melepaskan rezeki yang ada.
Tambahan, awak memang tidak mudah jatuh cinta, kan?
3 tahun ini jelas menunjukkannya.
Bukan lelaki yang awak cari.
Bukan dia.
Tetapi insan yang mampu membuat awak rasa benda yang sama.
Benarkah sangkaan saya?
Jika begitu, gaja!
Terpaksalah kita mungkiri janji, nekad dan azam setahun yang lalu.
Kita teruskannya.
Kita teruskan sehingga kita berasa benar-benar penat dan tidak lagi berdaya dengan risiko yang bakal kita perolehi.
Saya, dan awak.
Kita akan teruskannya bersama.
Mencintai dia,
sehinggalah Allah letakkan petanda agar kita berhenti.
Moga petanda itu jelas buat kita berdua.

p/s: Yesung oppa injured. Hukhuk. Take care, oppa. Sleep well. Penat tadi kan dengan SS5.


PSK: Pujangga Sastera Konon

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Alhamdulillah. Berakhir juga my first test. Pergh ! Nervous rasa masa jawab paper Add Math. Sampai lupa dua tiga formular. Huhu. Masa jawab sivik pula, sempoiii. Sempat lagi ada dalam 45 minit tu, Farahin conteng kertas sivik dengan pantun-pantun poyo. Alang-alang pantunnya boleh tahan, Farahin copied semula pada kertas-kertas lupus yang terselit dalam pencil box. Meyh ushar pantun-pantun tu. Hehe

Rindu datang menyambar hati,
tercalar lagi parut yang pergi,
Untuk apa dicinta lagi,
sungguh dia sudahpun pergi.

At first, niat hendak created puisi. Yet terbantut. Maka terciptalah pantun yang sentimental itu. Haha

Helang terbang membuat bunyi,
tergantung mangsa pada cakaran,
Untuk apa saling sembunyi,
sudah suka kasi jalan.

Haha. Oh yeah Oh yeah... kasi jalan !

Ombak lasak memukul pantai,
angin pantas menolak dahan,
Sudah janji menjadi rantai,
dirimu sayang takkan ku tinggalkan.

Haa...sweet tak sweet tak? Atau sweat? Terfikir pasal ombak bila angin kuat serbu masuk ke dalam kelas. Hihi

Tangis hati tidak berbunyi,
air mata jatuh tidak diminta,
Sudah dia tidak menyayangi,
usah diharapkan apa yang tiada.

Sedihh... teringat pada ex for sudden. Hoho

Perahu dikayuh perlahan-lahan,
buai dienjut berhati-hati,
Sayang ini tidak tertahan,
moga terjodoh kita akhirnya nanti.

Ini pula teringatkan my bestie yang suka cakap pasal kahwin. Huahaha

Malaysia riuh ada Super Show 5,
ELF menggedik boys melompat,
Hidup jangan terlalu lalai,
mati itu entah cepat entah lambat.

Ini memang dah tahap bengong. No idea. Teringat pada oppa and ELF. Teringat pula dalam keseronokan dunia, jangan lupa akhirat di sana. Huhu

Kenapa PSK? PSK stand for Pendidikan Sivik Kewarganegaraan. Tapi Farahin tukar kepada Pujangga Sastera Konon. Hekhek XD


You PiKir ?

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Straight to the point. Along this week memang stress giler. Maklumlah, I'm having UPK 1. You PiKir lah katakan. Esok last test. Add Math and Sivik. Hari ini Biologi dan Math. Done already. Tapi Biology Farahin jawab macam hampeh ! Soalan memang susah nak mampus. Banyak kosong ! Hukhuk. Okeylah. Till then, just a short post only.

ELFollowers SJelfFoundland sudah mencecah 1000 !
Sonoknya ! Haha

The lucky 1000th ELFollower are Azyan Ramlee !
Terima kasih follow SJelfFoundland !

Hmm...ingat nak review blog tuan badan, ehh tak tinggal link dah. Huhh


Variasi Hidup

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Hidup ini tak selalu indah. Apabila kita rasa rindu, kadang-kadang kita akan menangis, kadang-kadang kita  akan tersenyum sendiri. Kalau hidup ini selalu indah, mungkinkah manusia akan lupa diri ? Bodoh. Untuk apa aku berfikir begini ? Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang telah dianugerahkan. Sama ada sakit atau sebaliknya, bersyukurlah kerana hidup ini pelbagai. Setiap apa yang diciptakan, dijadikan, pasti ada sebab dan alasan. Mungkin juga menjadi akibat kepada sesuatu. Hati manusia memang tidak pernah puas. Fikiran manusia seringkali ingin melampaui batas. Seperti pelukis yang sifatnya diumpamakan membandingkan hasil imaginasinya dengan ciptaan terhebat Tuhan. Manusia mengeluh apabila penat. Sebenarnya, itulah suara-suara ingin putus asa. Keluhan itulah yang membuntukan akal dan mematikan hati. Menyesatkan. Walau bagaimanapun, hari ini lain, esok lain. Hidup ini sentiasa mengalami perubahan. Sama ada dari faktor luar mahupun dalam. Kerana hidup ini memang pelbagai. Maka, renungkanlah hidup ini dengan lebih terperinci dan teliti. Sebenarnya, ia tidak selalu sama.

Emo sekejap selepas tonton Kdrama "Postman To Heaven". Jae Joong sangat kool ! Rasa hendak tampar lelaju. Huhu. Apapun, hati terasa sunggul sekarang ni. Hoho. Selamat Malam !


Untitled Poem

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Puisi yang tidak bertajuk. I wrote it with unbalanced emotions and feelings. So the main topic or theme is undefined. My heart went wrong for awhile. hmm

Setiap cerita , terkisah cerita kita ..
setiap kata-kata , disebut-sebut cinta kita ..
setiap rasa , jelas terasa pahit dan derita bercampur dengan manis
setiap detik waktu , membisikkan tentang kita
mengapa begini ?
ada ketika , mengapa ia harus sesakit ini ?
apakah ini kenyataan ?
atau cuma mainan senda perasaan ?
tangisan dan air mata membuat tubuhku menggigil
meskipun aku bukan gadis yang mudah menangis
dan bukan aku yang menangis
mengapa hati ini yang meronta ?
mengapa hati ini yang memekik ?
seksaan apakah ini ?
untuk apa ?
dan mengapa ?
terlalu banyak tanda tanya
dan terlalu banyak yang perlu dijawab
bukan engkau tercipta untukku
kita dekat , hakikinya jauh
tetapi mengapa tangan ini sering saja ingin mencapai ?
walau engkau sedang berjalan pergi meninggalkan
jauh ..
ya Allah ,
apakah ini ujian ?
atau aku yang berlebihan ?
apakah kesakitan ini sesuatu yang benar ?
atau cuma suara-suara mereka yang ingin menyesatkan ?
ya Rabbi ,
tiba-tiba terasa rindu ini menyapa
mengetuk-ngetuk pintu kamar
menyelinap masuk dari celahan yang terbuka
bagai udara bebas berkeliaran di mana saja
Subhanallah ,
apakah perasaan ini satu anugerah dariMu ?
atau cuma hadiah indah namun kosong dari mereka ?
dia ..
sudah selama ini aku bernekad membelakangkannya
berjalan pergi meninggalkannya
tetapi mengapa adakala aku merasakan aku tidak berganjak walau setapak
cuma berdiri di tempat yang sama memerhati susuk tubuhnya menghilang
mentangisi harapan yang dibawa pergi

Awak , saya tak tahu apa yang saya sedang rasa. Tapi awak 100% belum hilang dari ingatan saya. Hati saya juga mungkin ? 4 tahun sudah berlalu

Khabar Hati

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Kesunyian ini bagai mengajak hatiku bernyanyi
Merungkai bisik-bisik hati yang tersembunyi
Biar jelas tertakrif di kepala ini
Apa khabar sebenarnya hati ini?

Tiap ada masanya
ingatan ini akan memanggil-manggil dirimu
Perlahan-lahan terasa
dinding hati yang kering ini diruas-ruas
Makin ditahan semakin sakit
Bertambah lagi perit
Hinggakan suara juga tidak terjerit

Umpama gergaji menggerigi hati
Bagai pisau yang menghiris
Pastinya kalah jari yang terluka
Rasa ini tidak dapatku raung
Tidak jua dapatku tangis
Kerana ianya terlalu azab bagi diri ini

Bohongku katakan aku tidak rindu
Tidak terdetik walau sekelumit rasa 
ingin menatap lama wajahmu
Sudah tentunya ada
Mana mungkin semudahnya aku melupakan 
insan yang memberiku rasa
Bukan cuma manis tetapi jua selainnya

Meskipun begitu
terpaksa ku kunci perasaan itu
Biar sakit pintu hati digoncang
Biarpun air mata pasti berlinang
Aku tetap dengan pendirian dan kata-kata ini
Engkau harus aku lupakan !

'Let bygone be bygone' is never work so it's my job to fix and make it work.


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Today hendak bercerita about last friday. Last Friday ada acara khas untuk pelajar harapan sekolah. 15 orang students from my class had chosen. Me? Not one of them. Di upacara tu principal ada ingatkan bagi kami yang tidak terpilih jangan kecewa. Peluang masih ada. Masih ada ruang untuk kami. Itu kami tahulah. Tetapi walau bagaimana pun, tipulah kalau tak rasa kecil hati. Even my partner yang sebelah pun kata, "Apa motif benda macam ni? Waste time lah" Then Farahin pun 'haah' saja and said, "Entah! Menyampah" Ups! Kan dah keluar? Sejam setengah kami duduk di tempat perhimpunan cuma tepuk tangan dan tunjukkan muka tak puas hati. Semua down. Plus, we lost one period of our Biology subject. Dari baris depan(lelaki) sampai baris belakang(girls), whole class semuanya buat muka badi. Seriously, kami duduk kelas paling hadapan. Yet kami di situ...hmm you know. Siapa tak down? Hilang semangat jadinya. The truth is, bukan menyampah dengan pelajar terpelajar tu. Plus, one of my bestie pun bertuah terpilih. Tapi menyampah gilos dengan acara ni. Sejam setengah rasa macam kena rejam dengan telur warna warni saja. Bengang tahu. Bengang! Okeylah. Done here.

Tahniah lah bagi yang terpilih tu. Jangan sombong. Wa jontos nanti.


Kek Oren Coklat & Ceri

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Hello! Kita berjumpa lagi! Alhamdulillah. Wah! Dah lama tak update blog. Lama ke? Huhu. Seminggu je pun. Okey. Hari ni tajuk kyute je ala-ala tajuk komik gitu. Hehe. Alamaklum, just finished reading ‘Benang Raja Waltz’. Woot woot! Nice story! Watak-watak butler pun semuanya handsome melecun! Try lah beli. RM 7.50 je pun. Hee.

Okey. Apa yang nak diceritakan ni tak ada lah se-kyute tajuk di atas. Cuma saja-saja nak catitkan memory yang ada. Huhu. Hari ni Farahin and all my bestie ada tugas di school library. Well, kami kan librarian. So hari ni our turn pula bertugas. Sejak semalam lagi kami dah plan nak pakai baju warna apa. Last week janji nak pakai baju warna kuning. Tapi tergendala dek Farahin tak pakai baju warna kuning sebab belum basuh.

Tapi hari ni  my bestie, Farhana pula pakai baju warna lain daripada yang dijanjikan. Farahin pakai baju Light Oren, Raidah purple, Aznie sure pink like usual, then Farhana sepatutnya pakai baju warna merah. Yet bajunya pula belum basuh. Jadi dia pakai baju coklat, tudung merah. Haha. Tudung merah pun jadilah kann

Sebelum pergi library, me and Farhana pergi lah melencong ke 7E. Farhana nak cucuk duit biasiswa. Tapi mesinnya lagi disumbat RM. So, blah la dulu. Kami then melencong ke kedai buku. Need to buy something for my folio sempena bulan Anti Dadah. Hee. Wish menang! Ehh…hehe. Lepas beli barang, kami went back to 7E. Hmm tak siap lagi. So straight je lah ke sekolah. Atas motor tu sempat lagi gelak-gelak.

Farhana: Mesti abang tu kata budak tu kenapa ulang-alik kan?
Me: Haha. Biarlah. Bukan memang kerja kita ke ulang-alik kedai yang sama?

Huhu…Farahin teringat yang kami selalu ulang-alik kedai buku Master Lee masa sibuk nak hias kelas. 1 hari lebih 3 kali. Haha. Naik jemu abang kat kedai buku tu. Tak apa. Abang handsome. Kami tak jemu. Lol. Farhana yang kata abang tu handsome. Hihi

Sampai library, lepak-lepak, gelak-gelak, pukul 5:30 petang blah. My friend, Zuhairah rasa pelik tengok Farahin banyak ketawa dengan Farhana. Well, usually Farahin type yang senyap je. Sampai kawan-kawan lain takut nak tegur. Huhu. Entahlah. Farahin senang dengan Farhana. Lawak-lawak dia, gila-gila dia, macam enzyme yang ada active site yang boleh bagi ngam dengan kepala Farahin. Haha. Ayat bio sudah. Tak apa. Rewind topic form 4. Nak spm ni. Hee

Masa balik kami singgah lagi 7E. Ehh…Farhana tak boleh cucuk duit. Entah apa pasal, tak tahu. Sambil-sambil tu, Farahin grab komik Benang Raja Waltz tu. Hee.

Okey. Timbulnya tajuk Kek Oren Coklat & Ceri ni adalah disebabkan Farahin dan Farhana terfikirkan benda yang sama. Tidak ke kami menjadi tumpuan bila Farhana dengan tudung merah dan baju coklatnya membonceng Farahin yang bertudung hitam berbaju light oren? Kami umpama Kek Oren(baju Farahin) Coklat(baju Farhana) dengan topping sebiji Ceri(tudung merah Farhana). Haha. Nice combination! Anyway, Farahin suka dengan tajuk ni. It sounds kyute, sweet dan yummy. Huhu

Let's make this friendship more delicious than the cake,
more juicy than the orange,
more sweeter than the cherry.
-Kek Oren Coklat & Ceri-



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Akhir-akhir ini aku terimbau kembali. Aku teringat lagi. Pada cinta yang sudah bertahun-tahun diakhiri. Cuaca terik hari ini. Nak kata Malaysia bersalji, kena tunggu kiamat nanti. Tapi hati ni rasa sejuk nak mati.

Terpandang tuala tangan hasil assigment di tingkatan dua. Berhabuk sudah. Aku belek-belek jahitan yang ada di atasnya. Ada bentuk hati, bunga, nama aku dan namanya. Tiba-tiba terasa lucu mengenangkan kegilaan aku pada waktu itu terhadapnya. Namun dalam lucu terasa sebak di dada.

Kenapa? Kenapa hari ini tiba-tiba teringat kepadanya? Untuk apa? Masih  tak sedarkah aku betapa hati ini terasa susah dengan sakit yang ada? Angin bertiup kuat di luar sana. Langsir melambai-lambai hampir menyentuh kipas di siling tingginya. Tapi dalam hati aku ni macam ribut saja.

Azan sudah berlagu. Asar lagi bertamu. Peka deria dengarku meneliti kalimah-kalimah kebesaran itu. Tiba-tiba ideaku mati di situ. Baik aku noktahkan saja entry yang malu nak mengaku rindu.

Kita dah janji nekad tak nak rindu. Jadi of coz kita malu nak mengaku kalau kita tiba-tiba rindu . Jebal mianhae :(


Review 20 Soalan Untuk Farahin 08

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Okey. This is the last review.

Wohoo~! Pink colour meyh. Blog ini dimiliki oleh Amirah or the full name is Nuramira Idayu binti Mohd Noor, 18, born on 14th January 1995. Oh, hello sis! Oh oh she's taken by Ammirul Hayat bin Mahmood. Wish goodluck for your relationship! hehe. Okey. Overall blog ini simply kyute and nice. Just mungkin much awesome if there an official follower gadget di sidebar. Boleh tambah follower dengan lebih cepat dan efektif! huhu. The song was great.

20 Soalan dari Sis Amirah

1.siapa name mak dgan ayah??syg diorng tak?
Mak, Zaiton binti Mohd Isa. Ayah, Kamaruzaman bin Osman. Mestilah sayanggggg.

 2.mase tengah tidow pernah ngigau tak?
Masa kecik-2 je.               
3.biasenya tido pling lewat pukul bape?
School day, 12:00 am.

4.tido lmbt kan?selalunya buat ape je?? 
Blogging, melayan homework.

5.eh pernah dating dgan pakwe tak??
Tak. Malulahh. hehe

6.opps lupe tnye.dah ade boyfriend??
I’m Sexy Free and Single and not ready to bingo! :D

7.kecik-2 dulu suka main ape??
Gasing bayblade, teng-teng, badminton, kejar-kejar.

8.kene marah dgn mak dan ayah nangis tak??muke nangis mase kene marah tu mcm mane ek??
Tak nangis. Terasa je. Tapi kalau dah tepat kena, sadis jugak. Muke nangis tuu tak sempatlah pulak nak tengok cermin. haha

9.name kawan paling rapat sape??lelaki dan perempuan?
Perempuan semuanya. Ana, Nini, Idah.

10.bile tengah makn sedap-2 kan.suke tak ade orng kacau ganggu??
Boleh je kacau. Lainlah Farahin tengah lapar kebulus. Jangan kacau. Kena makan nanti.

11.suke lelaki yg macam mane??
Rasional, matang, peramah, penyayang, ambil berat, not a smoker, understanding, cantik agamanya.

12.suke dgn warne ape?sering pakai tak warne tu?
Suke warna biru. Tak selalu pun.

13.baju yg lame-2 dah tak boley nk pakai slalunya bg sape??
Bagi cousin or neighbour. Farahin maksudkan baju zaman kanak-kanak dan still baby.

14.ape maksud sengmen ni ek??hee
Kepala bengong masa terfikirkan segmen ni. Ingat nak challenge diri. Tu je

15.haa ade scandel tak??
Not yet. Akan datang maybe. lol

16.pernah kene baling dgn selipar??
Never. Kena baling dengan bola keranjang pernah. Tepat kena hidung. Padah main basketball dengan boys. Haha

17.eh kene teranjang sakit tak??mcm mane ek rase skitnye??
Sakitlah. Sakit macam mana...tak dapat nak explain. Farahin pernah bertendang dengan boys masa primary school. hehe

18.kenapa bnyk sangat kene tanye ni??
Lol. Kan maksima 20 soalan. Jadi kalau 20 soalan ke bawah pun boleh. Kenapa? Penat dah? hehe

19.uka dgn budak-2 kcik tak??
Boleh lah. hehe

20.eh asik kite je yg tanye soaln.bile nk tnye kite balik???hehe :)
Eh, nak ke? Boleh je :D

Finally! Done everything. Oh! kemalasan dan ketandusan idea untuk update post semakin menjadi-jadi. Mian if korang sudah mula bosan dengan SJelfFoundland. Apapun, thanks Sis Amirah sebab join segmen bengong ni! huhu

Happy Blogging!



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