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Hey, peeps! I was tagged by Naja.
And I will do the same. Hehe
Calling for Aisyah ElsaSiti SYilah, and Zlyn
Jom Join! Good luck =)


1st Giveaway Won : SFRNFZL

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Hello, peeps! How're you doing? How's your raya?
Raya Farahin biasa2 je. Kind of boring la juga. Haha
But I am really enjoying my semester break.
Tidur, makan, tidur, makan, makan, makan,
tidur, tidur ASDHJKL Hahahahaha

By the way, this review is quite late.
Sampai je rumah minggu lepas, terus seluk tangan dalam sampul.
Finally! I got to see this gifts I won from SFRNFZL's Giveaway!
Actually, paling tak sabar nak usha gambar bakal-menantu-tak-jadi-mak.
YES YES YES! YESUNG!! My beautiful men. Hehe

This is the first giveaway Super Junior.ᴱᴺᵀ won in this 2018.
Dah lama tak main giveaway ni. Tak sangka masih ada tuahnya.
Along with the photo, also ada pencil case. I like it!
Besar. Abstract. Will make it fully use. Hihi

Last but not least, thank you for the gifts SFRNFZL.
During other free time, inshaallah I will enjoy more giveaway from you.
Tapi kena tengok mood juga. Hahahaha

Till then, SHRMZB. Kahkahkah
Bubye =)

Life can be terrible and incredible at the same time.



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Hello, peeps! How are you?
How's your ramadhan?
Dah nak habis dah ni. Huhu

Hmm. I am very aware how bad my mind condition this semester.
And I am more aware of its effects. Physically.
Like, rambut mudah gugur and kulit kepala rosak.
Just about these few weeks my hair condition seems a bit better.
Other than those, I also started to experienced gastric like worst than I ever had.
It started a week before ramadhan and now it happened almost every day.
But still, not as worst as that previous week.
Pening sampai jalan terhuyung-hayang macam orang mabuk.
Muntah air, cirit-birit. Baring duduk semua tak kena.
Rasa macam bumi ni berputar lebih laju daripada biasa.
Hari ni pun cirit-birit. Dah lima kali keluar masuk toilet
baru terfikir nak sembang sini. Huhu

By the way, tomorrow will be my last paper.
I am not doing great with this one course.
Somehow, I know I have to repeat.
But still, I have to finish it all tomorrow.

Till then, goodluck on your last ramadhan.
And Eid Mubarak  =)

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